Thursday, 25 August 2016


shooting skywards
the vertical blades

wet flowers
like folds of your skin

the bouquet
on the tip of my nose
and pink
from burying myself
deep inside of you
bodies - august 2016

Saturday, 5 September 2015

An incomplete list of things I am currently coveting #2

The last time I wrote one of these posts was in 2013 and I remember adding Lorde to the list. It was before she had become famous and I still feel very smug about it.

1. Long handled lighters.

This might seem like a joke but I am quite serious. Every witch needs candles and it just so happens that sometimes your candle burns down too far for a standard lighter or match to reach.

You can buy one from Ali Express if you want. Don't know if it would make it through customs though.

Also sometimes you need a long handle because the gas won't ignite on your stove but you are afraid of getting too close to it in case you singe your finger hairs.

2. Netflix

This is pretty self explanatory tbh.

3. K√©rastase Nutritive Masquintense

This is a VERY fancy hair masque I got back when I was blonde/pink/grey/gay, and it smells weird. It really works though. It was a bit of an impulse buy but my hair was d e s p e r a t e for some loving and hydration and my million dollar Rodney Wayne "we recommend this for you" conditioner was just not cutting the mustard. So then the very concerned assistant at Rodney Wayne recommended me the Masquintense. And I love it. The end. 

You can find out more by clicking on this hyperlink!

Now, there are two kinds to pick from; the one for thick hair, or the one for fine hair. If I wasn't as lazy as I am I would go to the bathroom to check to see which one I have but I can't be bothered. 
The tub cost me around $60 I think, and I bought it months ago. I am still not even a third of the way through. What a True Investment Piece.

4. Phoenix Cosmetics Brow Brush

Phoenix like to use sugar skulls in their campaigns and see nothing wrong with it (I've argued about it with them online). Usual statement of 'I used to be a regular, now I am not however some of there stuff is good especially their brow brush and their brow shaping.' Ends.

This brush is $45. It is expensive. If I lost it I'd cry. A lot.
Their brow brush is the best brow brush I have come across. I've used quite a few different ones. Nothing too extreme, but like, more than five. Which therefore means I am the expert on brow brushes. 

I like my brow brushes to be thin, but have a lot of bristles packed in. They need to be flexible, but soft enough they don't splay out when you apply pressure. They also need to have a decent angle. This brush is all of those things and it is also pink. 

5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

My mum used to have this when I was younger. I'd steal it to put on my lips. It worked pretty well from memory. I still use it. I find it good for lips, for putting on my eczema, and also !! for holding my brows in place! I've even used it on shoots before because I am a very professional make up artist.

This could be yours! Well, not this exact one, but one basically the same.

I impulse bought a tube of this one day at Farmers. It was months ago and it is still sitting unopened in it's little box in my make up drawer. It is taking up important make up space and I need it gone! I am not going to use it because I have too many other things I need to get through, including an already opened jar of 8 Hour Cream??? 

Please help me de-clutter/have more room to buy more make up when I go to Japan in November. Enter my giveaway. You literally have to do nothing and I will post it to you and include cat stickers and a cute personalised note. What more could you want in life?


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Sunday, 26 April 2015

G[r]ay Haired Femmebot

I had grey hair for a while. I made a few jokes about it being gay because gay rhymes with grey.

Fanci Full: more like Fancy Pants Farmer Femme

Grey hair is high maintenance. Just like me. High Femme. High Maintenance.

I don't often call myself "High Femme" because I feel like it isn't something I identify with much these days. I am definitely Femme, but my ability to put on a full face of make up is dwindling as my life gets busier. I feel like being "High Femme" means that you have to have the ability to wear a face of make up every day, to be able to wear heels (my tendons and ligaments will not allow for this), to never have a hair out of place.

Being "Femme" means different things to every Femme. To me it means that I love myself; I finally accept myself.

I feel like I am able to live my life in a genuine way. I am powerful - hell, I'm more powerful than you can imagine. I am far more powerful than people give me credit for. I do more things than I ever thought would be possible for me to achieve.

I am my own Femme Superhero.

Femme Superhero's Pout Better Than You Ever Could

The past week I have been thinking a metric shit tonne about being Femme and what it means to me. How it empowers me, and empowers others. But also how it can hurt us. How Femmes have to constantly navigate paths different to other queer people. Not all of us are white and able-bodied like myself. The fact there are Femmes out there who deal with more shit from society than me, and can still kick Femme-arse makes my heart burst. I have so much love for my fellow Femmes.

♥ Femme Solidarity♥

Vee x